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Jim's Canoes Rental


Our customers keep coming back year after year because small is nice; we provide a low stress canoeing experience.
However, we do have some things in common with all the other liveries on the river, and that's our alcohol and courtesy policies. Please, do not bring hard liquor or more than a six pack of beer per canoe on your canoe trips. Please do your best not to disturb fishermen, please respect private property, and, please, please don't litter the river. More on this below.

Where the Adventure Begins

We offer two trips on the mainstream

of the AuSable River. Both trips start upstream 

from Jim's and you will end up at your car. 

Burton's Landing 3.5 hrs.
$50 (per double kayak)

$40 (per single kayak)

$45 (per canoe)

Stephans 1.5 hrs.

$45 (per double kayak)

$35 (per single kayak)

$40 (per canoe)


Canoes rent on a first come first serve basis. Avoid disappointment by reserving early.
When making reservations you can call or email us.
We will use your phone number and email address for reservation confirmation. We will not use your email address nor phone number for solicitation of business nor give this information to anyone.
Jim's Canoes does not accept credit or debit cards.

 Jim's Quality Trip Tips:

Avoid pickup hassles -
Let us arrange your trip so you end up at your car, not waiting for a ride back to it.

Make a reservation. -
If your vacation schedule permits it, consider less crowded weekday trips. Both the highways and the river are less crowded weekdays.

State laws -
Operating a water craft while intoxicated is illegal. Littering is punishable by a fine of up to $400. Hard liquor, kegs, party balls, glass beverage containers and Styrofoam coolers are prohibited. We provide U.S. Coast Guard approved cushions and canoes which are inspected annually by the Marine Division of Crawford County Sheriff's Department.

Enforcement and safety -
For everyone's safety and convenience, the river is patrolled by the Sheriff's Department.

Avoid hassle, tickets, arrests and fines -
Stay sober. Please, no liquor and no more than one six pack of beer per canoe. Please don't litter. Please avoid trespassing; don't stop on private property. Much of the property along the river is privately owned. Please respect the owner's rights and wishes. The AuSable is a fantastic trout river enjoyed by fisherman from all over the world. Fishing organizations devoted considerable funds and labor to restore the river after the devastation caused by early lumbering practices and continue this effort to this day. Fisherman and canoeists share the river and require each other's courtesy and respect.